Under The Cheesegrater (Leadenhall Street), pencil on paper, 2016
At Ridley Road Market, pencil on paper, 2016, private collection
Up in North London, pencil, 1969

Bhupen Khakhar at Baroda, 1981. Private collection 


Judith, pencil on paper, 1982


Gerard Casey, pencil, 21 x 15 cm, 1998, private collection
Amit in Car, pencil on paper, 2007, Maggie’s Collection
At Cambridge Circus, pencil on paper, 2009, private collection
Tony on his Death Bed, pencil on paper, 1999
At Covent Garden, pencil, 21 x 59 cm, 2007, private collection
Ludgate Hill, pastel on paper, 2009, private collection
At The National Gallery, pencil on paper, 2015, private collection
St John Street, pencil on paper, 2012, private collection
The Great Mansions, Ghent, pencil, 21 x 59 cm, 2007, collection Louise de Bruin
The Hut Above The Ocean (Judith at Branscombe), pastel, 2017, private collection
At Maggie’s: The Prostate Group, pencil, 2012, private collection

The World Was All Before Them, two-metre study, charcoal on paper mounted on canvas. Private collection

Judith, 1986. Collection Lyndall Gordon

Judith, 2021?

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