Early Work

Me and My Friends, Charterhouse and London, oil on wood, Slade 1964
The Party, oil on wood, Slade 1967
The Tempest, oil on canvas, 1967-71
Painting My Mother, oil on canvas, 1972, collection Miranda Miller
Aranachala, oil on wood, 1975
Conversation in a Taxi (Me and Hodgkin), oil on wood, 1978
Dr Faustus at The Fortune Theatre, oil on wood, 1980, private collection
The Back, oil on wood, 1978
Great Pultney Street, She says Yes, oil on canvas, 1982, private collection
Bhupen Khakhar in Baroda, pencil on paper, 1981, private collection
Bhupen Khakhar and Mister Vallavbhai, oil on paper, Baroda 1981, collection Brian Weinstein, Washington
Salt Beef at Hatchett’s, oil on board, 1992, private collection
The Gandhian Ark, oil on canvas, 91 x 168 cm, 1997-2002
The Three Bookoos, oil on board, 1995
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